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What does WAshoot do?

WAshoot helps you send bulk messages to multiple contacts from an excel list(or you can manually enter numbers if you want), helping you stay connected to your customers and potential clients.

What if WAshoot does not work on my device?

We have tested WAshoot on different systems to ensure that it works on any Windows starting from Windows 7(sp1) to Windows 10. In the rare scenario that it does not work on your system, we request you to contact us on contact@whatsappwizard.com and we will sort it out for you.

Does WAshoot support attachments?

Yes. WAshoot supports attachments up to 14mb. This includes images, videos etc.

What does the Anti-Ban service do?

A lot. But not enough. The Anti-Ban service is based on our internal Machine Learning model. During our test, we observed a ~70% less chance of getting banned when using the Anti-Ban service. This service is included by default with our package.

XYZ is offering 100% AntiBan guarantee#

We have tested many different softwares. Most of them barely do anything(if anything at all). We encourage you to test those software if you want. In reality those softwares are making false advertisements, so we request you not to try with any important number. 

Why is X feature not available?

We are continuously adding new features to the program. If you want a new feature, send a email to contact@whatsappwizard.com with address line of “Feature Request : {Feature Name}” 

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